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Dr. Laís Fujii dos Santos


Dr. Laís Fujii dos Santos has a strong background in nonlinear optics. She received her Ph.D and her M.Sc. in Applied Physics from the University of Campinas, Brazil, both under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Gustavo Wiederhecker. During her Master’s, she studied frequency comb generation in dispersion-engineered, in-house fabricated silica wedge microdisks. The acquired knowledge of fabrication techniques will now be employed to fabricate plasmonic metasurfaces.

Her Ph.D thesis was again devoted to the study of nonlinear optical phenomena, this time focusing on degenerate optical parametric oscillation (DOPO) in photonic molecules (a structure formed by three coupled micro-rings). The beauty of DOPO is that the generated photons exhibit a random binary phase state above the oscillation threshold, and therefore can be used as starting point for alternative computation methods. She is looking forward to exploring this effect in III-V platforms.

Lastly, combining past experiences, Laís is currently exploring frequency comb generation in micro-rings made of III-V semiconductors.

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