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Our Team

Our team is working together to meet our research goals. Read on to find out more.

Professor Ksenia Dolgaleva

Group Leader

My name is Ksenia Dolgaleva; I am an Associate Professor at the University of Ottawa and a Tier 2 Canada Research Chair in Integrated Photonics. My primary affiliation is with the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Faculty of Engineering. Because I studied to become a physicist, I am also cross-appointed with the Department of Physics, Faculty of Science.

Dr. Laís Fujii dos Santos

Postdoctoral Fellow


Dr. Laís is currently investigating nonlinear phenomena in III-V semiconductors and fabricating plasmonic metasurfaces. She is deeply interested in using optics for developing novel computational architectures. Her background is nonlinear optics in silicon-based microcavities.

Dr. Gabriel Flizikowski

Postdoctoral Fellow


Dr. Gabriel Flizikowski joined the group as a postdoctoral fellow in May 2023. Currently working on the linear and non-linear characterization of III-V semiconductor waveguides, he is interested in light-matter interaction, such as the interplay between optical and acoustic phenomena as well as nonlinear optical effects.

Soheil Zibod

Ph.D. Candidate

Soheil Zibod, is a Ph.D. student in Electrical Engineering at University of Ottawa. He joined the Nonlinear Photonics group in 2019. His main research is about nonlinear materials in THz region and THz spectroscopy.

Sina Aghili

Ph.D. Candidate

Sina Aghili is a PhD student at the department of electrical and computer engineering. He holds a bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering from Noshirvani University of Technology, Babol, Iran (2012), and a master degree in Optical Communication Engineering from University of Tabriz, Tabriz, Iran in 2017. He started his Ph.D. degree under Prof. Ksenia Dolgaleva’s supervision in January 2020 at the department of Electrical engineering and Computer science, University of Ottawa, Canada. His main areas of research include: Plasmonics, integrated non-linear photonics, and Laterally coupled distributed feedback (LC-DFB) lasers.

Rania Mahjoub

Ph.D. Candidate

I am a PhD student at the Electrical and Computer Engineering department at uOttawa under the supervision of Prof. Ksenia Dolgaleva. I joined the Nonlinear Photonics group in 2021. My research interests include semiconductor materials properties, nanotechnology and nanostructured materials. My research is focused on the nanofabrication and characterization of novel semiconductor devices.

Ozan Wiliam Oner

Ph.D. Student


Ozan’s research pertains to design, fabrication and characterization of nonlinear integrated photonic devices. Some current projects include a collaboration with the National Research Council (NRC) regarding nonlinear optical characterization of an all-dielectric Huygens’ meta-waveguide in a silicon on insulator (SOI) platform, characterization of temperature tunable distributed feedback-back (DFB) lasers, fabrication of a InGaAsP-On-Insulator (IOI) platform and lastly, design of a passive nonlinear photonic component library for IOI.

Athulya Thulaseedharan

Ph.D. Student

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Athulya is pursuing PhD in Physics under the supervision of Prof Ksenia Dolgaleva. Her research focuses on microresonators and  metasurfaces.

Mohammad Amin Hemmatian

Ph.D. Student

IMG-20200121-WA0003 (2).jpg

Mohammad Amin Hemmatian is a PhD student in Physics at university of Ottawa under the supervision of Prof. Ksenia Dolgaleva. He joined the Nonlinear Photonics group in Fall 2023. His main area of research is the nonlinear optical phenomena in the THz frequencies.

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