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Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology paper

MARCH 30, 2023

Our latest publication, "Systematic study of InP/InGaAsP heated plasma etching and roughness improvement for integrated optical devices", is currently being promoted as an Editor's Pick! Congratulations to all the involved authors.

Advanced Optical Materials paper

OCTOBER 20, 2021

Read our latest findings of "Broadband and High-Sensitivity Time-Resolved THz System Using Grating-Assisted Tilted-Pulse-Front Phase Matching". This work was in collaboration with Jean-Michel Ménard's group. Congratulations to all the involved authors.

OGS Awarded to Saad Bin Alam

MAY 10, 2021

Saad Bin Alam has been awarded one of the most prestigious scholarships of Canada, the Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) for the second time. Congratulations Saad for the wonderful work that you have been doing.

Nonlinear Photonics Group Collaborating with NRC


Following Dr. Dolgaleva's invited talk at NRC in 2019, the nonlinear photonics group is now collabolating with researchers at the NRC on projects relating to SWIR Photodetector Design using metasurfaces and III-V air-bridge photonic devices for nonlinear optics and sensing.

Dr. Dolgaleva's Introduction to Optics book published


Interested in learning about fundamentals of optics? Check out "Introduction to Optics I: Interaction of Light with Matter" book by Ksenia Dolgaleva, published by Morgan and Claypool publishers.
Congratulations Ksenia!

Virtual Conference - Photonics North 2020


Students presented their research works at Photonics North Conference.

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