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Shubhendra Kumar Jain


Dr. Shubhendra Kumar Jain holds Bachelors of Technology in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Rajasthan Technical University (India) and Master of Technology in Advanced Materials Physics and Engineering from CSIR-National Physical Laboratory (India). He completed his Ph.D. in Electronics Engineering under a Joint Ph.D. program at RMIT University, Australia and AcSIR (CSIR-National Physical Laboratory campus), India under the supervision of Prof. Madhu Bhaskaran, Prof. Govind, and Assoc. Prof. Sumeet Walia. His research project was focused on the fabrication of the semiconductor devices using III-nitride semiconductors and 2-dimennsional materials for sensing applications. He has also gained extensive experience in the growth of III-nitride heterostructures using plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy system.
He is proficient in the photoemission spectroscopy technique to analyse chemical and electronic structures of the semiconductors. He has joined Nonlinear Photonic group under the supervision of Prof. Ksneia Dolgaleva in November 2021. He is currently working on the fabrication of nonlinear photonic devices based on III-V semiconductors.

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